A young girl tormented by her dreams, seeks the help of a psychologist in order to overcome her deepest fears.

Carmen Fida (Lisa Opara) startles awake. Realising she just had a dream, she jumps into action doing her best to find answers to what she has just experienced. After browsing the internet with no luck and more confusion, she phones a friend of the family, Jenny Cohen (Adi Alfa) to get some answers and advice.

Whilst in Jenny's office, Carmen gives a brief description of her dream. On hearing this, Jenny

reassures her that dreams are symbols based on our emotions and how we are trying to interpret

and understand the world around us.

After a few more prompting questions, Jenny suspects that Carmen might be holding back something significant that must mean a lot more to her, that she would risk losing the person she loves. Jenny

explains that her dreams started after her partner, Sally Onell (Monica Forero) moved out. Jenny

encourages Carmen to speak to Sally, however, Carmen informs Jenny she received an invitation to her mother, Adjoa Fida's, (Melanie Gayle) celebration party, but knowing how her father, Malomo Fida's (Dwaine Thomas) would react as he disapproves of her lifestyle choices, Carmen  got scared and had another dream, which led her to becoming secretive and defensive.

Jenny reassures Carmen that it is okay to be afraid but not at the expense of others. It is better to face what happens in life and deal with it rather than running away. Carmen leaves Jenny's office armed with more information on how to deal with her fear. Knowing what to do, she now makes a few changes in her life.


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